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Mission, Values & Aims

Pursuing Excellence In All We Do

Alongside the pursuit of academic excellence, Repton schools around the world are proud of the outstanding pastoral care provided for all pupils rooted in the traditions and core values that underpin our educational philosophy.

Repton International School in Malaysia cherishes the Repton standards and traditions that have stood throughout the centuries and that remain equally valid today.

We seek to combine the culture, energy and dynamism of Malaysia with the rich heritage derived from Repton School in the United Kingdom. We are determined Repton International School will become a truly world-class school and a beacon of excellence.

A school where people matter and the whole Repton community, pupils, staff and parents, work together to develop young people who are confident, compassionate, courageous and curious.


Our mission is to nurture character and inspire minds. Through a Reptonian education, we seek to develop every pupil holistically so as to maximize their potential to succeed in the global arena.

At Repton International School we educate for the future. People strive in a holistic environment with a strong curriculum that embodies the four core values at the heart of the school.




To be educated at Repton International School is to enter the world with a unique combination of competencies and qualities, and it is our clear aim to produce young people who are:

  • Globally aware and internationally-minded
  • Intellectually curious, culturally informed, and spiritually alive
  • Happy, resilient, robust, self-motivated, and confident
  • Socially conscious, politically informed, and environmentally aware
  • Technologically fluent
  • Committed to excellence in all that they do